04 Sep 2022

New Hardware Tests Section

I've added a new section to the site where I'm going to be publishing the various hardware tests I create while I'm working on WashingtonDC. I've been making Dreamcast hardware tests for various reasons ever since the beginning of WashingtonDC six years ago, but they've usually been simple "throwaway" tests that get discarded once they've served their purpose. Going forward I'm going to publish them here so that they're around in case I or somebody else needs them in the future.

So far there are two tests, one that I ported from DS back in 2019, and a newer one I just created in the past few days to test PowerVR2's backface culling. In both cases I've made the source code available. I'll also be providing binary downloads in the form of .cdi images, although I don't have one ready yet for the culling test because it's so new.

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