27 Nov 2018

Dreamcast's 20th birthday

Today's the big anniversary: Dreamcast was released in Japan twenty years ago on November 27, 1998. For some reason this makes me feel like I'm having a mid-life crisis, which is weird because I'm only 8 years older than the Dreamcast. I feel much better about Genesis turning 30 (that also happened this year!) since I wasn't even born until a couple years later. I guess there's something unnervinf about being able to remember hearing about Dreamcast back when it was the future instead of the distant past.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to stick to my plan to have a release of WashingtonDC ready in time for the 20th anniversary. AICA turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated, and I'm just now getting the snickerbockers/aica_audio branch to a state where things are starting to work out. I've made some major progress since the last snickerblog update and as a result there are several more games booting in addition to the ones shown there. Right now that branch has emulation of the audio hardware, but no actual audio output This means that Dreamcast programs think they're playing audio, but in reality the samples they generate get discarded insted of being sent to an audio backend on the host machine. I'm going to clean up a few more things and then merge the branch to master before I get started on the audio backend. After that, I still need to work on getting the ARM7 fully integrated with the JIT, figuring out what the UI will be like and implementing VMUs before I can actually have an early release ready.

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