02 Aug 2018

Crazy Taxi 2 and Zombie Revenge

Looks like we got ourselves a twofer in today's snickerblog update! Crazy Taxi 2 and Zombie Revenge are both games which I tried to run for the first time in the past week and both of them got in-game without needing any changes to WashingtonDC, so probably they've both been working for a while now and I just didn't know it.

Both of these games remain Dreamcast exclusives to this day. Zombie Revenge is a beat-emu-up game set in the world of House of the Dead. Crazy Taxi 2 is largely similar to its predecessor, except it's set in New York City instead of San Francisco and there are some new game mechanics thrown in.

crazy_taxi_2_title.png crazy_taxi_2_ingame_1.png crazy_taxi_2_ingame_2.png

zombie_revenge_title.png zombie_revenge_ingame_1.png zombie_revenge_ingame_2.png

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