16 Feb 2024

gdisofs v1.0.2 release

gdisofs is a little side-project i developped back in 2017 because i needed to pull some files out of a .gdi image. It's a fuse module you can use to mount a Dreamcast game as a read-only filesystem on your Linux PC.

It's mostly been sitting around neglected in a dusty github repo for the past seven years, but last month i once again found myself in a situation where i needed to rip some files from a Dreamcast game, so I cleaned it up, fixed some bugs and added some nifty new features, like mounting .cdi images of MIL-CD homebrews.

From now on i'm going to treat it as a real "product" with stable releases and official binaries. It's going to be sitting in the new tools section of the site from now on.

I have a few more features I want to add to it in future releases.

I also now have an offical build server where you can download official releases of gdisofs. This is going to be used for official washDC builds eventually too.

As for washDC, I'm still working on it but my health problems make it difficult to get work done. I really don't have much spare time these days because most of the time when I'm not working i can barely stay awake, let alone work on Dreamcast emulation. And sometimes I get these horrible vommitting episodes where i feel nauseous for days on end.

I have a couple branches going where I'm working on BBA support and a Vulkan renderer, and I hope those features can get done this spring. Unfortunately the cancer really fucked me up and I just can't work as hard as i used to 4 years ago.

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